THE STARBOAT ACADEMY is a modern-day mystery school for the arts of personal and social transformation.

Some scholars teach that the Ancient Egyptians thought that the pharaohs could transform themselves to sail the cosmos on starboats in order to commune with the gods. These shamanic journeys provided the pharaohs with the inspiration and knowledge they needed to maintain the health and well-being of the kingdom. Alchemy, or the royal art of physical and spiritual transformation, was the method by which the pharaohs achieved the transformation they needed to conduct these star journeys.

In contemporary times, alchemy provides a practical blueprint for personal and social transformation. Knowledge that was once reserved for the pharaohs is now available to everyone with a sincere desire to become their best selves in order to serve the highest good of humanity.

What change do you wish to be in the world? Butterfly Williams is the practical alchemist who will offer workshops, courses and retreats on the arts of personal and social transformation through The Starboat Academy.