SKULL is the science of shame. Will you face what humiliates you?

THE IRUKE PROJECT: "Blood Is Mere Decoration" was a multimedia solo show that combined interactive ritual, electronic music, butoh dance and video projections to tell the naked truth about the reincarnation of slavery in the form of mass incarceration.

BUTTERFLY WILLIAMS: Butterfly crafted and told "It Gets Worse," a satirical monologue about the all-too-colorful world of queer performance art, as part of "The Ages," an inter-generational theater show by OutLook Theater. He also directed the sold-out world premiere of "The Witch House," a play about the legacy of the Salem Witch Trials that featured toxic boys, dancing bees and a poetic plea for forgiveness.

THE STARBOAT ACADEMY: Forum Theater is a performance technique from the Theater of the Oppressed in which ordinary people create skits about social injustice, then the audience intervenes to change the outcome to social justice. Butterfly taught Forum Theater at Rootcamp, a forum for grassroots activists, in which the participants created skits about sex trafficking and sexist employment discrimination. He also taught Forum Theater at Saybrook University, where participants created skits about immigration issues, such as discrimination against foreign language speakers, violent raids by ICE agents, racism in the reception of different kinds of immigrants, and the effect of health, age, country of origin and professional status on citizenship decisions.