FIRE is the art of spirit. Will you turn up the heat?

THE IRUKE PROJECT: "Total Action" featured the voices of four queer, trans and straight African-Americans celebrating the fierce writer and cultural critic James Baldwin, who turned up the heat on the Black youth crisis and the gentrification of San Francisco in the 1960s PBS documentary "Take This Hammer."

BUTTERFLY WILLIAMS: "Fire House / Waters' Edge" was a site-specific theater production at the Fort Mason Firehouse in San Francisco. Butterfly played a ghostly drill sergeant who urged a Black youth to remember the Fort's bittersweet 1940s Black military history with the battle cry: "Victory abroad; victory at home!"

THE STARBOAT ACADEMY: "The Butterfly Effect" brought together faculty and graduate students at Saybrook University to draw connections between chaos theory, creativity and social change: they ultimately discovered that activism begins at home!