KNIFE is the science of separation. Will you let go of the past?

THE IRUKE PROJECT: "Our Stories, Our Freedom" was a series of personal storytelling workshops for low-income African-Americans impacted by the HIV/AIDS epidemic that culminated in a literary reading. The writers told tales of burying friends, assisting suicides, being molested and suffering discrimination -- and letting go of guilt, depression, rage and low self-esteem.

BUTTERFLY WILLIAMS: Butterfly and his co-star were the only performers on stage for the Asian American Theater's world-premiere of "No. 5 Angry Red Drum," in which two men go to war for control of their environment, their beliefs, and their sanity -- and eventually discover brotherly love. Butterfly still hasn't gotten all of the grit out of his afro from that theater set: a humongous raked sandbox!

THE STARBOAT ACADEMY: Butterfly played the group improvisation game Deep Democracy -- a form of group improvisation in which the audience role plays the people, places, ideas and things connected to a situation -- for "The Ghost of Michael Brown." This audience was a rowdy crowd of mostly Latinx community activists who bid hilarious and dramatic goodbye to the young man whose death sparked the Ferguson protests by role-playing Black Panther Fred Hampton, white people, gentrification, the police and a gun.