EARTH is the art of practicality. Will you take action to ground yourself?

THE IRUKE PROJECT: "Ritual 4 Re-Entry" was a collaboration between a formerly incarcerated person, a prisoner-reentry counselor, a community psychologist and a performance artist. To help prepare communities for the influx of released inmates, four audience members told stories about the impacts of the criminal justice system and then offered libations to their ancestors.

BUTTERFLY WILLIAMS: In response to San Francisco's gentrification crisis, "Text-A-City" presented panel discussions with multicultural experts on affordable housing, social enterprise and community entrepreneurship while residents across the city texted their desires for sustainable living, which were projected two stories tall on the outdoor wall of the Renoir Hotel at 7th & Market Streets.

THE STARBOAT ACADEMY: "The Butterfly Effect 2" modeled leadership for liberation by bringing together students, faculty and the administration across the department silos at Saybrook University to discuss action projects to support a Black Women's Group, Embodied Mindfulness, a Social Action Incubator and Podcasts.