CIRCLE is the science of community. Will you gather the support of like-minded souls?

THE IRUKE PROJECT: "Black Is" is a video that celebrated Black History Month at Longfellow Middle School in Berkeley, CA. It features dozens of smart-as-a-whip youngsters rapping, reading poetry, playing instruments, and performing skits, hand jive, and "black flips" -- and one teacher reading a poem about her homeland: Africa.

BUTTERFLY WILLIAMS: "The Human Discoball" was Butterfly's contribution to OutLook Theater's "#WhereDoYouBelong" evening of entertainment at the Red Poppy Art House in San Francisco. He opened the show dressed in a discoball helmet, perched on a beam high above the audience, invoking the discoball as symbol of the light to be found amid the shadows, and closed the show kicking off a disco dance party, shimmying in a silver-bangled flapper's dress, singing an original disco-pop number: "...Because we're looking good / In the club tonight / Because I belong / In the club tonight / Because we belong / In the club tonight..."

THE STARBOAT ACADEMY: "In the Spirit of the Griots" was an African-themed welcoming reception for the distinguished scholars of Black psychology who were visiting Saybrook University to participate in the "Mbongi" symposium on African-centered psychology. A circle of the school community surrounded the University President as he gave a special reward of recognition to one of the distinguished guests. The highlight of the evening was a performance by an African-dance company that could only be described as otherworldly in the spiritual delight it offered the community.