Butterfly Williams (aka Anthony Julius Williams, MFA and PhD candidate), the Artistic Director of The Iruke Project, is a performance artist and civic shaman based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  He combines theater, dance, music and video to expose and explore issues of social justice and sustainable communities. 

Butterfly approaches issues from an integral viewpoint that transcends the postmodern aesthetics of fragmentation. He insists on a holistic vision of art that equally values spiritual experience, embodied reality, cultural work and systemic analysis.

Butterfly often begins the creative process with writing and then moves into acting, movement, song and film as the needs of the project are revealed. His intention is to express an overwhelming mood or an intriguing idea that inspire thought and motivate action. Discussions and experiments with collaborators, performers and his varied communities help refine this expression.

Butterfly's work provides refuge for those trying to make sense of our society and find their place in the world. He does this by transforming everyday elements – like nature, bodies and conversation – into ingredients for a shape-shifting spell that moves life from confusion to clarity, bringing more truth and love into the world.

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