AIR is the art of insight. Will your thoughts fly?

THE IRUKE PROJECT: "Your Novel, Your Romance" was a window installation at the Shakespeare & Co. bookstore near the University of California at Berkeley. It featured a gigantic photo of 1960s Free Speech movement leader Mario Savio preaching to the masses atop a car with a floating pair of bright red lips in the foreground and newspaper confetti on the floor.

BUTTERFLY WILLIAMS: To thunderous applause from the community audience, Butterfly delivered a sharp-tongued, intellectually incisive monologue by literary legend James Baldwin from the documentary "Take This Hammer" at the Generations 2014 celebration of Black History Month at the African-American Art & Culture Complex in San Francisco.

THE STARBOAT ACADEMY: Butterfly organized a "Mbongi" symposium on cultural appropriation and African-centered psychology at Saybrook University. It featured a panel discussion with leading Black psychologists from the San Francisco Bay Area, including Drs. Wade Nobles, Theopia Jackson, Veronique Thompson, Tony Jackson and Alan Vaughan.